International Youth Chess Festival - Mureck 2019 


2019, July/August Mureck (Austria)

17th EU Youth Chess Championship

26th International Styrian Youth Open

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, Mureck - Kulturzentrum

17th EU Youth Chess Ch. U08-U14
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U12: results and games, U14: results and games

26th International Styrian Youth Open
U08-12: results and games
U14-18: results and games


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Live Games

09.08.2019, Closing ceremony
Yesterday ended the 17th EU Youth Chess Championships in Mureck. We hope you had a nice time in Styria!

Here are the new champions:

EU U-08 Boys                    
1Uzunov EmilBUL11148,545,5
2Feiertag NiklasAUT07,048,0
3Marzakov RumenBUL06,048,0
EU U-08 Girls                    
1Antenreiter JanaAUT05,539,5
2Burdot DoraLUX05,037,5
3Mensah SiobhanAUT04,041,0
EU U-10 Boys                    
1Toth BarnabasHUN14568,08,0
2Ernst RobertAUT16647,549,5
3Stan Luca-AlexandruLUX11716,051,0
EU U-10 Girls                    
1Krasteva YoanaBUL11146,048,5
2Kontrimaite AgotaLTU05,546,0
3Sovieva AlexandraFIN04,542,5

EU U-12 Boys                    
1Kuti OliverAUT17007,550,0
2Vailijevic ViliCRO15956,550,5
3Zargarov MikayelSUI15996,547,5

EU U-12 Girls                    
1Basa ManasviteNED15945,548,5
2Stepanjan MarianneGER13084,541,5
3Ulrich Helene IreneGER14044,540,5

EU U-14 Boys                    
1Kan EfinBUL18927,549,0
2Tschopp OliverSUI17846,548,0
3Raats JoppeBEL18066,546,5

EU U-14 Girls                    
1Rejniak ZuzannaPOL18085,548,5
2Voriskova AnnaCRO16755,049,5
3Bodo BoglarkaHUN16234,539,0

Winners Styrian Open
U10 Klopf RichardAUT9855,545,0
U12 Bauer SimonAUT12797,548,5
U14 Sohn BenediktAUT14516,045,5
U16 Hanc NejcSLO14798,047,5
U18 Jauschneg FridolinAUT13916,047,0

All the results and games are published online. See our links above.

Check our Web-Gallery Mureck 2019 for the tournament photos.

We hope to see you again in Mureck, maybe 2020...

05.08.2019, Barnabas Toth with perfect score
Five rounds are already played and we have one player only with a perfect score in the EU-groups. Barnabas Toth form Hungarya leads in the U10 with five points one point ahead to Yoana Kraseva from Bulgaria, who is the best girl.

Four and a half points achieved Emil Uzunov from Bulgaria in the U8 and Oliver Kuti from Austria in the U12. Both have a sole lead. The best girls are Manasvita Basa (NED, 4 points U12) and Siobhan Mensah (AUT, 3 points U8).

The U14 group brings three players on the top with four points: Efim Kan (BUL), Olivier Tschopp (SUI) and Joppe Raats (BEL). They are followed from two girsl: Zuzanna Rejniak (POL) and Anna Voriskova (CZE), both with three and a half points.

In the Styrian Open Nejc Hanc (SLO, 5 points U18) and Simon Gruenwald (AUT, 4,5 points U14) are leading. The sixth round starts today at 3:00 p.m.

Results and games are published in Chess-Results.

For photos see our webgallery.

Styrian Open

Open 0812

Open 1418
02.08.2019, Photos from EU groups
The 17th Youth Championships of the European Union and the 26th Styrian Youth Open are started in Mureck in southern Styria. Organizer Erich Gigler welcomed 145 players from 20 nations. They will fight nine days for titles and rating points, but most of all they will hopefully have a lot of fun and enjoy their time in the region aroung Mureck.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Alexandra Nagl, head of the youth department of the province of Styria, mayor Anton Vukan and Kurt Jungwirth, honorary president of the Austrian Chess Federation.

Results and games are published in Chess-Results.

For photos see our webgallery.

The results of the first two rounds are published as well as photos from all groups of the EU-tournament.

Opening Ceremony

EU U08

EU U10

EU U12

EU U14

30.07.2019, General Information
European Youth Chess Championships starts on 30th of Juliy with the arrival day in Mureck. You will find all results and games in the tournament database of "". Notice that this pages are available immediately after each round. Chess-Results offers different languages. Furthermore we will publish photos in our webgalery.

We hope you enjoy our services and this event. Donīt hesitate to ask for photos in a better quality or any other informations for media or your websites.

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