International Youth Chess Festival - Mureck 2018 


2018, July/August Mureck (Austria)

16th EU Youth Chess Championship

25th International Styrian Youth Open

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, Mureck - Kulturzentrum

16th EU Youth Chess Ch. U08-U14
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U12: results and games, U14: results and games

25th International Styrian Youth Open
U08-12: results and games
U14-18: results and games


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Mureck, Kulturzentrum 

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Live Games

09.08.2018, Closing ceremony
Today ended the 16th EU Youth Chess Championships in Mureck. We hope you had a nice time in Styria!

Here are the new champions:

EU U-08 Boys                   
1 Burkart Lloyd Shang GER 1157 8,0 49,0
2 Popzafirov Danail BUL 1320 7,5 49,5
3 Rosol Philipp AUT 0 7,5 43,5
EU U-08 Girls                   
1 Roehrer Sonja AUT 0 4,0 37,5
2 Mensah Siobhan AUT 0 2,0 35,0
3 Antenreiter Jana AUT 0 0,5 36,5
EU U-10 Boys                   
1 Shi William AUT 1519 8,0 47,0
2 Jetzl Julian AUT 1444 7,5 47,5
3 Ernst Robert AUT 1239 5,0 48,5
EU U-10 Girls                   
1 Rasheva Nora BUL 1435 7,5 47,5
2 Haapsal Maria Ioanna EST 1063 5,5 44,0
3 Stoll Lucia FRA 1398 5,0 40,5

EU U-12 Boys                   
1 Folles Enrico BEL 1856 7,0 48,5
2 Chung Ethan Cheung Jing WLS 1480 6,0 47,0
3 Gschiel Alexander AUT 1531 5,5 50,0

EU U-12 Girls                   
1 Rejniak Zuzanna POL 1699 7,0 49,0
2 Vu Tan Tue Anh AUT 0 4,0 33,0
3 Horn Sarah AUT 1256 4,0 30,5

EU U-14 Boys                   
1 Colbow Collin GER 2136 7,0 48,5
2 Szilagyi Norbert HUN 2069 6,5 49,0
3 Raats Joppe BEL 1862 6,0 42,5

EU U-14 Girls                   
1 Randrianarimanana Alicia FRA 1905 6,0 47,0
2 Ruseva Eva BUL 1591 4,5 48,5
3 Trzaskowska Hanna POL 1503 4,5 43,0

Winners Styrian Open
U10 Jetzl Laurence AUT 1349 6,5 50,5
U12 Bakalarz Adrian GER 1270 7,5 45,5
U14 Martetschläger Stefan AUT 1277 5,0 44,5
U16Wendl PaulAUT13777,544,5
U18Liszka MarkusAUT11545,043,0

All the results and games are published online. See our links above.

Check our Web-Gallery Mureck 2018 for the tournament photos.

We hope to see you again 2019 in Mureck...

07.08.2018, round 7
Mureck 2018 goes into the decisive rounds. Tomorrow is already the penultimate round. The last round will start on thursday already at eight-thirty in the morning.

We have the following leaders in the EU-groups: Norbert Szilagy (HUN, U14), Alicia Randrianarimanana (FRA, U14 g),  Enricko Folessa (BEL, U12), Zusanna Rejniak (POL, U12 g),  William Shi (AUT, U10), Nora Rasheva (BUL, U10 g), Lloyd  Shang Burkart (GER, U8)  and Sonja Röhrer (AUT, U8 g).

Anyway, no group is already decided. We wish good luck to everyone for the last two rounds!

All the results and games are published online. See our links above.

Check our Web-Gallery Mureck 2018 for the tournament photos.

Tournament environment

Tourist attractions

Tough fights in the playing hall...

05.08.2018, round 4
Four rounds are played in Mureck. There are only two players left with a 100% score. The Austrians Alexander Gschiel (EU U12) and William Shi (EU 10) managed to win all their four games. Leading in their groups are furthermore Norbert Szilagyi (HUN) and Collin Colbow (GER, both 3,5 in EUU14), Lloyd Shang Burkart (GER, EU U8), Fridolin Jauschneg and Paul Wendl (both AUT, Open U18), Curic Enej (SLO) and Adrian Bakalarz (GER, Open U12). The best girls in the EU-groups are Alicia Randrianarimanana (FRA, EU U14), Zuzanna Rejniak (POL, EU U12), Nora Rasheva (BUL, EU U10) and Sonja Röhrer (AUT, EU U8).

All the results and games from the first four rounds are published online. See our links above.

You can already find photos from all the groups in our Web-Gallery Mureck 2018.


Open U8-U12

Open U14-U18

Tournament hall Open and EU U8
03.08.2018, round 2
The results and games from round 2 are published, see our links above.

Furthermore you can find new photos from the EU U14, EU U12 and EU U10.
See our Web-Gallery Mureck 2018.

EU U14

EU U12

EU U10

EU Tournament hall U10-U14

02.08.2018, Opening Ceremony and round 1
The youth championships of the European Union and the 25th Steirische Jugendopen started yesterday in Mureck in southern Styria. Organizer Erich Gigler welcomed 124 players from 18 nations. They will fight nine days for titles and rating points, but most of all they will hopefully have a lot of fun and enjoy their time in the region aroung Mureck.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Denise Haas, director of the youth department of the province of Styria, district deputy captain Marko Rosa, mayor Anton Vukan and the Styrian chess president Kurt Jungwirth.

Results and games are published in Chess-Results.

For photos see our webgallery.

Gigerl, Haas, Vukan, Rosa, Jungwirth

The first moves are done...

31.07.2018, General Information
European Youth Chess Championships starts on 1st of August with the arrival day in Mureck. You will find all results and games in the tournament database of "". Notice that this pages are available immediately after each round. Chess-Results offers different languages. Furthermore we will publish photos in our webgalery.

We hope you enjoy our services and this event. Don´t hesitate to ask for photos in a better quality or any other informations for media or your websites.

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