International Youth Chess Festival - Mureck 2015 


2015, July/August Mureck (Austria)

13th EU Youth Chess Championship

22th International Styrian Youth Open

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, Mureck - Kulturzentrum

13th EU Youth Chess Ch. U08-U14
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22th International Styrian Youth Open
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13.07.2015, Day 9 - Closing ceremony
Today ended the 13th EU Youth Chess Championships in Mureck. We hope you had a nice time in Styria. Here are the new champions:

Mayor Anton Wukan and Organiser Erich Gigerl with the new EU Champons

EU U-08 Boys
1 Ivanov Svetlen   1578 BUL 9 45
2 Metzdorf Matteo   0 GER 45½
3 Musaev Matej Elbek   1388 SVK 6 47
EU U-08 Girls
1 Katter Marlene F 0 AUT 47
2 Vaino Jekaterina F 0 EST 5 42½
3 Smetisko Renata F 0 CRO 46½
EU U-10 Boys
1 Kostolansky Sebastian Lukas   1655 SVK 42½
2 Neumann Filip   1647 CZE 47
3 Schulze Lukas   1252 GER 50½
EU U-10 Girls
1 Toncheva Nadya F 1590 BUL 7 47½
2 Kralj Nika F 0 SLO 5 49½
3 Kecskemeti Admira Aida F 1142 IRL 5 48½
EU U-12 Boys
1 Stoyanov Tsvetan   2162 BUL 9 44
2 Zetocha Adrian   1745 SVK 6 46½
3 Schernthaner David   1581 AUT 6 44½
EU U-12 Girls
1 Moerwald Magdalena F 1410 AUT 44½
2 Smetisko Lucija F 1531 CRO 44
3 Urbanc Tina F 1216 SLO 40
EU U-14 Boys
1 Petkov Matey   2008 BUL 48½
2 Maetzkow Maximilian Paul   1992 GER 48½
3 Brilej Jaka   1779 SLO 43½
EU U-14 Girls
1 Schneider Jana F 1995 GER 6 50½
2 Schulze Lara F 1926 GER 47
3 Grabcheva Natalia F 1668 BUL 46

Winners Styrian Open

U-08: Yvan Burdot (LUX)
U-10: Manuel Pribozic (AUT)
U-12: Alexander Rosol (AUT)
U-14: Jonathan Bankier (AUT)
U-16: Alina Mundstein (AUT)

Fotos from the closing ceremony you can see in our Web-Gallery Mureck 2015
We hope to see you again in 2016...
12.07.2015, Day 8
Today we published some impressions from 8th round.

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Results and games please see our links on the top.

10.07.2015, Day 6
Today we published some impressions from Mureck and the region around. Notice that these photos are official ones from the office of tourism. We hope you had already some possibities to discover the beauty of the region. Addtional we published some pictures from the 6th round.

See our Web-Gallery Mureck 2015

Results and games please see our links on the top.

09.07.2015, Day 5
Five rounds are played in the Congress Hall from Mureck. The favorites start to be clear.  

In the youngest age group of the EuYCC Svetlen Ivanov from Bulgaria took the sole lead with 5 points and is already one point ahead to Leon Maiberg from Austria (4). The best girl is Renata Smetisko (3,5) from Croatia.

EU 08: Ivanov and Smetisko

In the EuYCC U10 Sebastian Lukas Kostolansky (SVK) is another clear leader with five points and one point ahead to the best girl Nadyia Toncheva from Bugaria and Filip Neumann (CZE).

EU 10: Kostolansky and Toncheva

The clearest leader after five round is Tsvetan Stoyanov from Bulgaria in the EuYCC U12. He is already one and a half point in front of Adrian Zetocha (SVK)  and at least two points to to all others. The best girl at the moment is thank to a better second tie Tina Urbans from Slovenia.

EU 12: Stoyanov and Urbans

In the EuYCC U14 four players share the lead. The best second tie hast Maximilian Paul Maetzkow (GER) follewed by Matey Petkov (BUL), the best girl Jana Schneider (GER) and the Austrian player Simon Prato. They all have four points out of five games. The next rounds will show who can fight for the medals.

EU 14: Maetzkow and Schneider

In the open tournaments Manuel Pribozic (AUT) is the only player with 5 points in the categorie U-0810 and Alexander Rosol is leading in the U-1218 section with 4,5 points.

Styrian Youth Open: Pribozic and Rosol
08.07.2015, Day 4
We finshed today the galeries from all participants with the open groups U0810 and U1218. There are again some impressions of the day in another galery.

See our Web-Gallery Mureck 2015

Results and games please see our links on the top.

07.07.2015, Day 3
We published today galeries from the age groups EU U08 and EU U10, furthermore some impressions from the third round.

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Results and games please see our links on the top.

06.07.2015, Day 2
We published three photo galieries from the second day. Some impressions from the round, all participants from the age group EU U12 and EU U14.

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Results and games please see our links on the top.

05.07.2015, Day 1 - Opening Ceremony
The Eurpean Youth Chess Championships in Mureck are opened. The importance of the event was shown that the official opening was held from Ursula Lackner, she is member of the Styrian Government, Mayor Toni Vukan and Kurt Jungwirth the President of the Austrian and Styrian Chess Federation. Organiser Erich Gigerl brings this event for 13th time to Mureck and the Styrian Open for the 22nd time.

Immediately after the openings ceremony chief arbiter Manfred Mussnig could start the first round. All results and games are publishen on Chess-Results (links see above). Photos from the first day are published in our Web-Galery:
see our Web-Gallery Mureck 2015

04.07.2015, General Information
European Youth Chess Championships starts on 4th of August with the arrival day in Mureck. You will find all results and games in the tournament database of "". Notice that this pages are available immediately after each round. Chess-Results offers different languages. Furthermore we will publish photos in our webgalery.

We hope you enjoy our services and this event. Don´t hesitate to ask for photos in a better quality or any other informations for media or your websites.

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