International Youth Chess Festival - Mureck 2011 


2011, August Mureck (Austria)

9th EU Youth Chess Championship
03.-11.08.2011, Mureck - Kulturzentrum


18th International Styrian Youth Open
03.-11.08.2011, Mureck - Kulturzentrum

9th EU Youth Chess Ch. U08-U14
U08: results and games, U10: results and games
U12: results and games, U14: results and games
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18th International Styrian Youth Open
U08/10: results and games
U14/18: results and games
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Mureck, Kulturzentrum 

see our Web-Gallery Mureck 2011
impressions: galery from opening-day, round 2, round 3, round 4, round 5, round 6, round 7, round 8, final day.  

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see our Web-Gallery Mureck 2011
EU: U14, U12, U10, U08
OP: U14/18, U08/12

10th European Union Youth Championship U08-U14
will be organized in Mureck from 31st July (day of arrival) to 8th August 2012.

11.08.2011, Final Day

Here are final results of Top-3 in all EU-groups:

EU U-08 boys

1 Tong Kevin  GER 8,5
2 Gavrilescu David  ROU 7
3 Veiga J.F.R.P. N.  POR 7

EU U-08 girls

1 Sarbu Adela  ROU 6
2 Moerwald Magdalena  AUT 5,5
3 Richterova Julie  CZE 5

EU U-10 boys

1 Orantes Taboada Fr.  ESP 7,5
2 Calin Alexandru  ROU 7
3 Chukavin Kirill  EST 6
EU U-10 girls

1 Antova Gabriela  BUL 6,5
2 Nastase Andreea-Cristina  ROU 6
3 Blond Hanten Elsa  LUX 5

EU U-12 boys

1 Peczely Sebastian Zsombor  HUN 8
2 Mesaros Florian  AUT 6,5
3 Tumanov Dmitri  FIN 6,5

EU U-12 girls

1 Sucikova Svetlana  SVK 6
2 Stanciu Andreea-Briana  ROU 5,5
3 Narva Mai  EST 5,5

EU U-14 boys

1 Stremavicius Titas  LTU 7,5
2 Ladva Ottomar  EST 7
3 Korpa Bence  HUN 6,5

EU U-14 girls

1 Cusmuliuc Diana-Elena  ROU 5
2 Gaizauskaite Ginte  LTU 5
3 Mirza Diana  IRL 4,5

Federations Ranking Medals

Rg. FED Gold Silber Bronze Gesamt
3 HUN 1 0 1 2
5 BUL1001
7 SVK1001
8 AUT0202

Last round starts and right moves have to be found to reach some place in Top-3...

Florian Mesaros (AUT) wins silver-medal in U-12 although he lost last two rounds.

Impressions from last round and closing ceremoy you can find in our gallery of round 9. All results and games of round 8 are already published, see our links above.

Thank you for playing our tournaments in Mureck and visiting our websites. We hope to see you again from 31st July to 8th August 2012 when 10th EUYCC will be organized in Austria.

10.08.2011, Round 8
Some copetitions are decided after todays round 8. In EUYCC U08 Kevin Tong (GER) is leading in boys competition with 1,5 points ahead to a group of three players and already new champion. In all other EU age groups there es one player leading with good chances. Titas Stremavicius (LTU, U14), Sebastian Zsombor Peczely (HUN, U-12) and Francisco Taboada Orantes (ESP, U10) lead with 7 points. All of them have good chances in last round but might fail with a loss. All girls competitions will be decided tomorrow in final round.

Today we visited with our Bulgarian friends some nice place in Ratschendorf called "Mostschenke"
which is in 6 kilometers distance of Mureck and famous for their camels...

Pictures from "Camels-Place" and some impressions from today we show in gallery of round 8. All results and games of round 8 are already published, see our links above.

09.08.2011, Round 7

Some impressions of round 7...

Today we publish photos of all participants of Styrian Youth Open U14-U18.
08.08.2011, Round 6

Some impressions of round 6...

Today we publish photos of all participants of EUYCC U14. The series of EU-participants is now completed. EU: U14, U12, U10, U08All results and games of round 6 are already published, see our links above.

06.08.2011, Round 5
Alexandru Calin (ROU, U12) and Kevin Tong (GER, U8) are the only players with 5 points after round 5. Tong wins with black pieces agains Jose Veiga (POR), Calin is successful in his game with Manuel Munoz (ESP). In age group U12 Florian Mesaros (AUT) draws with Nicola Capone (BEL). Both stay in lead with 4,5. Finally Bence Korpa (HUN) and Titas Stremavicius (LTU) make same in U14.

In our Web-Galery we show some impressions of round 5...

... and all participants of EUYCC U12. All results and games of round 5 are already published, see our links above.

06.08.2011, Round 4
Four rounds are played and some players in European Youth Championships have still 100%. Bence Korpa (HUN) and Titas Stremavicius (LTU) are leading in U14 with one point ahead to a group of eight players with three points. Best girl is Diana-Elea Cusmuliuc (ROU, 2). Austrian Youth Champion Florian Mesaros and Nicola Capone (BEL) are leading in age group U12 with 4 points. Grela Kacper (POL) is them close with 3,5. Four girls and five boys follow with 3,0.

Alexandru Calin (ROU) leads in U10 before Aras Vardanyan (LTU), Francisco Orantes and Manual Munoz (both ESP, all 3,5). Best girl is reigning European Youth Champion Gabriela Antova (BUL) with 2,5 points like Eszter Morvay (SVK). Kevin Tong (GER) and Jose Veiga (POR) are without loss of points in U10. In group of seven players with three points are two girls. Joana Alonso Ros (ESP) and Emilija Misiuk (LTU) share first place in girls competition. We will see how many will keep 100% tomorrow.....

The big tournament hall. You can see some impressions of round 4 in our web-gallery.

Today we photographed all participants of age group U10 in EUYCC. You can see them in our webgalery.  Photo above shows Gabriela Antova, a reigning European Champion (girls U8) from Bulgaria.
05.08.2011, Round 3
Mureck offers besides tournament many possibilities to spend some hours in nature. Today we had time to visit some of these places before round 3 started...

People enjoy this area with swimming pool especially on hot days.

The forrest around river "Mur" invites to discover nature of Styria.

This is the famous "Schiffsmühle" on the Mur and...

invites for some coffee and selfmade cakes. Now lets come back to tournament:

Today we show in our galeries some impressions of round 3 and...

all participants from youngest age group U-8 in European Union Championship.
All results and games are already published. See our links above...

04.08.2011, Round 2
Second round brought some first highlight of this years EU-Youth Championships in Mureck. In age group U-12 Florian Mesaros had to play against Bardhyl Uksini. Both Austrian players are medal-winners from 2010. This year Mesaros could turn result in his favour. Uksini played some strange opening and was correctly punished.

Mesaros- Uksini

Today we introduce all participants of Styrian Youth Open U08-U12 and bring some impressions of round 2. All results and games are already published. See our links above...
03.08.2011, Opening Day
Mureck 2011 started today with more than 200 participants from 27 European countries. Austria has the biggest delegation with 48 participants followed by Slovenia (22), Czech Rep. (11). Some people had a long distance travel by car. However, despite some political irritations our friends from Lithuania came with 9 players and did not hide where they come from...

Competitions are the European Union Chess Championships U-8 to U-14 and the Styrian Youth Open with age categories U-08 to U-18. Josef Galler, mayor of Mureck, welcomed all players, coaches and family members for the 8th time in Mureck. EU-Youth Championships were invented from Austrian chess president Kurt Jungwirth and organizer Erich Gigerl in 2003. First event took place in Graz, when city was cultural capital of europe. Since 2004 all events were organized in Mureck, which is in southern part of Styria, thanks to big support of Styrian government. Jungwirth opened the games. Soon after opening ceremony the first round could start...

More photos see our galery from opening-day
Results of round 1 and pairings of round 2 are published. See links of results above...

02.08.2011, General Information
European Youth Chess Championships starts on 3th August in Mureck. You will find all results in the tournament database of "". Notice that this pages are available immediately after each round. Notice that Chess-Results offers different languages.

We need a little more time to create the daily bulletin. All games will be published in pgn on this site at least the day after each round. Furthermore we will offer some galeries.

We hope you enjoy our service and this event. Don´t hesitate to ask for photos in better quality or any other informations for media or your websites.

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