International Youth Chess Festival - Mureck 2005 


2005, August Mureck (Austria)

3rd EU Youth Chess Championship
18.-26.08.2005, Mureck - Kulturzentrum


12th International Styrian Youth Open
18.-26.08.2005, Mureck - Kulturzentrum

3rd EU Youth Chess Ch. U10-U14
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12. International Styrian Youth Open
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27.08.2005, Final Report

The 3rd European Union Championships comes to an end and looking forward to next year.

Organising these events is a huge task and responsibility.  On behalf of the players, coaches, parents and supports I wish to thank FM Erich Gigerl and his team for a marvelous event and hope to return to Austria next year.

I believe this Championship has already established an important place in junior chess.  It is just the right size for everyone to be able to get to know each other but big enough to be a real challenge for the very best players.  Players gaining the title ‘European Union Champion’ can be extremely proud of their achievement.

The countryside around Mureck also offers the opportunity for pleasant walks or cycling – there is something for everyone.  I look forward to us all getting together next year.

 Very best wishes from a team manager.

Thanks to "a team manager" for his final words to the chess event in Mureck. He said, we shouldn´t publish his name, so we don´t, but he didn´t say we shouldn´t publish his foto, so we do...

Instead of a long final report we now pick up some pics from our galeries. They show more than words can say...

More than 150 kids from 25 federations came to Austria to play in Mureck the 3rd European Union Youth Chess Championship or the 12th International Styrian Youth Open. Kurt Jungwirth - President of the Austrian Chess Federation - welcomed them.

Games start in different age groups. Girls and boys play together. They all are so different in culture and languages, but they all have one great interest together: chess.

The youngest players in EUYCC are in the group U10... group: U12:

... and U14. Notice that girls and boys play together in all EUYCC groups, but have different ranklists. So 3 girls and 3 boys will be champion of EU.

U10 and U12 play together in the 12th International Styrian Youth Open:

Of course the different age-groups were rated separate like in the U14/U16...

... but there are no different rankings between girls and boys.

There are many activities kids can do outside of  tournament hall in Mureck...

Much fun in the "Radkersburger Teich- und Huegelland" not only for the six EUYCC-Champions:

You find all tables and results in tournament databases and many fotos in our galeries. All links are on the top of this site.

NOTICE that you can find all results of players of one federation with one click and that you can switch in our database to an english version.

This was our report. Hope to see you again next year.

26.08.2005, Photos last day

...see our new photo galeries from round 9 and closing ceremony

25.08.2005, Photos outside

...see our new photo galery from outside tournament hall: outside

24.08.2005, Photos U14

...see our new photo galeries from the open: U10/U12 and U14/16

23.08.2005, Photos U14

...see our new photo galery U14.

22.08.2005, Photos U12

...see our new photo galery U12.

21.08.2005, Photos U10

...see our new photo galery U10.

20.08.2005, Photos 2nd day

...see our new photo galery from 2nd day.

18.08.2005, Opening Ceremony

3rd European Union Chess Championship finds place in Mureck - Austria from 18th to 26th August 2005. Kurt Jungwirth, president of the austrian chess federation welcomed together with Josef Gallob, mayor of Mureck and Adalbert Braunegger from government of styria more than 150 participants of 25 federations.

Mureck offers many possibilities for sports and the region is rich in culture and historic sites. So young players can play chess, find contacts and have fun.

EU-Youth Chess Championship was an idea by Kurt Jungwirth to create a tournament that strenghtens european identity. First tournament took place in Graz as part of programme of cultural capital 2003 and festival chess003. Further invitations followed 2004 in Mureck together with traditional youth open.

17.08.2005, General Information

You will find all results in the tournament database of our media partner "Wiener Zeitung". Notice that this pages are available in german and english immediately after each round

We need a little more time to create our daily bulletin. You will find all games in pgn on this site at least on the day after each round.

Further we will offer some galeries.

We hope you enjoy our service and this event. Don´t hesitate to ask for photos in better quality or any other informations for media or your websites.

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