International Youth Chess Festival - Mureck 2013 


2013, July/August Mureck (Austria)

11th EU Youth Chess Championship

20th International Styrian Youth Open

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20th International Styrian Youth Open
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08.08.2013, Round 9
Here are the final results. Congratulations to all winners of Mureck 2013!!

  Federation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 HUN 2 2 1 5
2 SLO 2 1 1 4
3 AUT 1 2 1 4
4 GER 1   1 2
5 CRO 1   1 2
6 IRL 1     1
7 LTU   2 1 3
8 BUL   1 1 2
9 SUI     1 1
    8 8 8 24

EuYCC Top-3

EuYCC U-09 girls



Majoros Rozsa 








Cebron Asja 








Schmidtmann Samantha 






EuYCC U-09 boys
Persanyi Barnabas    HUN 0 8 47,5
Morgunov Marc    AUT 0 7 48,5
Subelj Jan    SLO 1521 7 47

EuYCC U-11 girls
Urh Zala  w SLO 1508 5,5 48,5
Gömböcz Zsofia  w HUN 1431 5 47,5
Persanyi Nora  w HUN 0 4,5 37,5

EuYCC U-11 boys
Maetzkow Maximilian Paul    GER 1744 7 43
Lazaravicius Aras Jonas    LTU 1531 6 47,5
Baenziger Fabian    SUI 1667 6 46

EuYCC U-13 girls
Mirza Diana  w IRL 1678 7 47
Polterauer Chiara  w AUT 0 5 44
Gailiunaite Saule  w LTU 1635 5 43,5

EuYCC U-13 boys
Muha Miljenko    CRO 1862 7,5 45,5
Petrov Martin    BUL 1990 7 48
Ly Dominik    AUT 1907 6 47,5

EuYCC U-15 girls
Ramadani Sarah  w SLO 1786 4,5 47

Gucagaite Gabriele  w LTU 1575 4 41,5

Roklicer Heike  w CRO 1765 3,5 39,5

EuYCC U-15 boys
Dragnev Valentin    AUT 1912 7,5 45
Peczely Sebastian Zsombor    HUN 2157 6,5 42
Petrov Vladimir Sergeev    BUL 2038 6 46

Styrian Youth Open Top-3

Styrian Open U-08
Lukac Alina  U08 w SLO 0 4,5 47
Sorger Sebastian  U08   AUT 988 4 38,5
Hadler Tobias  U08   AUT 800 1 33

Styrian Open U-10
Meglic Enej  U10   SLO 1035 7,5 49,5
Hanc Nejc  U10   SLO 942 6,5 50,5
Fowler Caspian  U10   WLS 0 5,5 48

Styrian Open U-12
Juvan Jaka  U12   SLO 1298 8 49,5
Kisilak Liza  U12 w SLO 1055 6,5 47,5
Raith Selina  U12 w AUT 1214 5 45,5

Styrian Open U-14
1 Högl Emanuel  U14   AUT 1844 1661 6 47,5
2 Schlager Florian  U14   AUT 0 1657 6 41,5
3 Khalakhan Jurij  U14   UKR 0 1768 5,5 49

Styrian Open U-16
1 Opietnik Christoph  U16   AUT 1633 1767 6,5 45
2 Fasching Markus  U16   AUT 1663 1681 6,5 42,5
3 Gooss Christoph  U16   AUT 0 1497 5,5 44

07.08.2013, Round 8
All results and games of round 8 are published online (see links above).

Today we can already congratulate some players. German boy Maximilian Paul Maetzkow wins the EUYCC U-11. He has now 7 points our of 8 and is already 1,5 points ahead to Zal Urh and two points to Aras Jonas Lazaravicius (LTU). Diana Mirza (IRL) will be the new champion in girls ranking of EUYCC U13. She has 6 points. Neither Saule Gailiunaite (LTU) nor Polterauer (AUT) can catch her tomorrow.

Very close to win the tournament are Barnaba Persanyi (HUN) in age group U-9 and Valentin Dragnev (AUT) in age group U-15. Both are one point ahead to the second placed player. Dragnev has furthermore the much better tie so Peczely (HUN) will need a miracle in the last round to take Dragnev the championship.

We have made some impressions of round 8.


06.08.2013, Round 7
All results and games of round 7 as well as pairings of round 8 are published online (see links above).

Before the final two rounds we have following situation in the tournaments. In EUYCC U-9 Barnabas Persanyi from Hungary has 6 points and is one point ahead to Marc Morgunov, Jan Subelj and Rozsa Magoros. Similar is the table in U-11. German player Maximilian Paul Maetzkow is leading wiht 6 points followed by Lazaravacius (LTU)  and Zsofia Gämböcz (HUN), both with 5 points..

Three players have 5,5 points in EUYCC U-13.: Martin Petrov (BUL) Diana Mirza (IRL) and Miljeko Muha (CRO) are already very close to win medals. All other players are 1,5 points or more behind. In the oldest age group U-15 Austrian player Valentin Dragnev  has six points and is one point ahead to Petrov (BUL) and Peczely (HUN). He has already played against his biggest opponents.

Four Slovenian Kids are leading in the Styrian Youth Open U-8/12. First is Jaka Juvan. She is already two points ahead in the age group U-12. Nejc Hanc and Enej Meglic have 5,5 points in U-10 and Alina Lucacs (SLO) and Sebastion Sorger (AUT) have best chances in U-8. In the older age groups Christoph Opietnik seems on the way to win in U-16, Klemen Kovacec (SLO) has good chances in U-14.
05.08.2013, Round 6
All results and games of round 6 are published online (see links above).

Today we finish our photo galeries with all participants Mureck 2013. New are the galeries from EUYCC U-131and Open U-08/12. Furthermore we have some impressions of round 6.


Open U-08/12

Temperature is high these days...

04.08.2013, Round 5
All results and games of round 5 as well as pairings of round 6 are published online (see links above).

After round 5 we have single leaders in all EUYCC age groups. In U-09 Barnabas Persanyi has made his first draw against Marc Morgunov. Now no player has anymore a perfect score but Persanyi is still leading with 4,5 points. In U-11 Urh Zala has today won against Lorenz Schilay and takes the single lead. Already one point ahead is Diana Mirza after her win against Miljenko Muha in age group U-13. Finally Austrian player Valentin Dragnev won with black against Matya Szücs and is first in the oldest age group U-15.
03.08.2013, Round 4
All results and games of round 4 are published online (see links above).

Today we introduce you in our photo galeries all participants from EUYCC U-13 and EUYCC U-09 (links see above). Additonal we have some impressions of round 4.



Impressions round 4...

02.08.2013, Round 3
All results and games of round 3 as well as pairings of round 4 are published online (see links above).

The only player with three points after three rounds is Barnabas Persanyi who is leading alone in EUYCC U-09. Four players have 2,5 points in age group U-13: Mhua (CRO), Mirha (IRL), Ly (AUT) and Martin (BUL). Same situation is in U-15 with Dragnev (AUT), Szucs (CZE), Murko and Suta (both SLO). Five players are leading in U11: Muha (CRO), Urh (SLO), Lazaravicius (LTU), Schilay (GER) and Maethkow (GER), all have 2,5 points. 
01.08.2013, Round 2
All results and games of round 2 as well as pairings of round 3 are published online (see links above).

Furthermore see photos of round 2, photos of participants EUYCC U-15 and Open U14-18 in our photo galeries (links see above). Here are some expressions of today:

31.07.2013, Round 1
Today started the European Youth Chess Championships in Mureck. This event is held for the 11th time in Austria. Waltraud Sudi, the mayor or Mureck, welcomed the 125 participants and their accompanying families and coaches. There are 17 European Countries participating.

Kurt Jungwirth, the president of the Austrian Chess Federation opened the tournament.,

Karl Theny will boradcast 36 games from EuYCC, for the first time with a second application for I-Pad and Mobiles. This application is done from Heinz Herzog who has also produced the pairings-programme Swiss-Manager and the Website Chess-Results.

Manfred Mussnig is chief arbiter and explained all rules for the coming nine rounds. All results and pairings will be published immediately in Chess-Results. There and alternatively on this page will be offered all games for download.

Live games see

Photos from opening ceremony and impressions from round 1 see
galery from opening-day

Here are some impressions from first day...

31.07.2013, General Information
European Youth Chess Championships starts on 31rd August in Mureck. You will find all results in the tournament database of "". Notice that this pages are available immediately after each round. Chess-Results offers different languages.

We need a little more time to create the daily bulletin. All games will be published in pgn on this site at least the day after each round. Furthermore we will offer some galeries.

We hope you enjoy our services and this event. Don´t hesitate to ask for photos in a better quality or any other informations for media or your websites.

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